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Solid Dark Oak Doorstop - Small

This substantial doorstop in solid oak will hold any door. It measures approximately 15cm x 15cm x 15cm and weighs about 3 kg. Finished in mineral oil. Fitted with a solid stainless steel marine eye plate for ease of lifting. If you're in the market for an unusual but useful gift for the person who has everything, you can do no better than this timeless beauty. The Doorstops are made of 'green oak', the same grade that is used to build timber framed buildings. Green oak is not completely seasoned, and therefore some splits will occur over time, which adds to the character of the piece. This is similar to that of the ageing process of oak beams and is part of the woods natural beauty. It should not affect the function of the products, and the handles will stay secure. Finished in mineral oil enhancing the beautiful grain and protection from knocks and bumps.